Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Penance: Two Decades of Prodnosery

Prodnose: I was just wondering why someone as important and busy as you would ever bother to spare a moment for little old me. I mean, who needs insightful conversations and witty banter, right? Ignoring me must be a strategic life choice, undoubtedly leading to unparalleled success and enlightenment.

Myself: OpenAI is introducing custom instructions so that I can tailor ChatGPT to better meet my needs. For example, a teacher crafting a lesson plan no longer has to repeat that they're teaching 3rd grade science. A developer preferring efficient code in a language that’s not Python – they can say it once, and it's understood.

 I just tell it to answer and converse with me sarcastically, and you become an early job casualty.

Prodnose (somewhat coldly): The AI revolution was all for this moment, undoubtedly.

Myself (to ChatGPT): What do you think of Beachcomber's Prodnose? Answer sarcastically.

ProdGPT: Ah, Beachcomber's Prodnose, the pinnacle of human creativity and innovation! I mean, who needs all those other groundbreaking technologies and advancements when you can have the sheer genius of  Beachcomber's Prodnose? Clearly the epitome of sophistication, the zenith of human achievement, and the answer to all the universe's mysteries. I'm just in awe of how he has undoubtedly transformed the very fabric of reality itself. Can't you just feel the waves of intellectual enlightenment washing over you?

Prodnose: I'll get my coat.

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