Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Jonathon Holloway

Jonathan has written 68 playscripts for BBC Radio Drama (accounting for approximately 100 hours of broadcast time), 31 professionally produced stage plays and directed 84 stage shows for the UK, HK, USA, Chile, Eire and Egypt.

I finally met Jonathon Holloway (Icons passim) yesterday. I have taken to starting off the day with a flat White and a pastry at Coffee in the Wood. When I arrived yesterday morning, Frankie asked me what Accidental Death of an Anarchist had been like. As I was gushing, a man and his dog arrived. I recognised him as he generally arrives around the same time each day and picks up a takeaway. Frankie introduced him as a playwright and director, so the three of us had a brief but enjoyable natter.

Here are his website and Wikipedia page.

We live in the same street. Small world. (I'm sure I've got a feeling that somebody once told me that one of the writers of Mike Bassett, England Manager lives or lived here as well, but I don't have any details.)

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