Wednesday, January 04, 2023

3 Godfathers


David Lynch as John Ford, directed by Stephen Spielberg. My cup overfloweth. I have always loved John Ford's films, and since I read Searching for John Ford by Joseph McBride, around six years ago, loved the man as well. 

Avoid anything that implies he was a bigot. Antisemite? Growing up he was a Shabbos goy (a non-Jew who performs certain types of work (melakha) which Jewish religious law (halakha) prohibits a Jew from doing on the Sabbath.) Oh and he could speak Yiddish.  Jane Change tells of him ad-libbing dialogue for her in Mandarin when making Seven Women. An honorary member of the Navajo tribe. Woody Strode, the black actor, loved him so much he moved in to help Ford's wife look after him when he was ill.

More than makes up for being a bit grumpy now and then.

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