Wednesday, January 25, 2023



The Donmar Theatre have posted another video about Trouble in Butetown. I am taking the drama school neices on February 21st. An actor called Samuel Adawunmi says that he plays a black American GI in it and it is set in 1943. Dad's family lived in Adamsdown, just north of Butetown but practically on the border opposite the Vulcan pub. He tells a story of looking out of the bedroom windows at America servicemen spilling out of it fighting. That makes perfect sense for a ten year old boy.

There's a legend of Rocky Marciano having a fight in a pub in Grangetown around the same time. Read this and make your own judgement. I choose to believe it.

Next up, YouTube's logarithms threw me the short film above; a lot closer to my time. The Noor El Islam Mosque is at the northern end of Angelina Street, St Mary's is just beyond it and leads in turn to the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas. St Mary's is Anglican. St Joseph's, the Catholic Church is only a mile away to the West on the other side of the river Taff. Multicultural enough for you?

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