Friday, January 27, 2023

Amazing Grace

We rehearsed in the Colour House Theatre last night for Renu's mother's funeral today. It is in the West Chapel at Putney Vale Cemetery and Crematorium at half past ten this morning.

I brought my keyboard along and played on the organ setting. (I had forgotten how big it was. I practically gave myself a hernia getting it out of the house). I am playing the chapel's organ today, after I went to Putney to check it out on Tuesday afternoon.

The rest of line up is two guitars, acoustic bass, banjo, mandolin and violin. All Norwegian except for one guitar and the violin, courtesy of Jone, Renu's Norwegian fiance. All head arrangements rather than reading but I thought it went well. Renu burst into tears when she came in as we were doing "Will the Circle be Unbroken" which I took as a good sign.

All we have to do now is the performance.

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