Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Carry On at your Convenience

 I went out in the car for the for the first time yesterday since my ten days self isolation; first over to PG in Hammersmith, then to deliver Christmas presents to the son and heir in Morden (which shows you how long I have been out of circulation) then briefly to the office, thence to the gym.

Nobody else was in the Apprentice Shop (our office's building) so I finally managed to get a photo of the notice that has been on the door of the Ladies' toilet since the beginning of pandemic precautions. I have been laughing at the image conjured by "PLEASE USE THE DESIGNATED  CUBICLE FOR YOUR OFFICE" for months and months now but I've never managed to get a picture of it before. Not even I could explain away being caught pointing my phone's camera at that door as some poor woman came out, or was walking up behind me to go in.

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