Sunday, November 07, 2021

Learn from my mistakes (that's you not me, I never have)

 I managed to return Mia's bike yesterday. The Tooting to West Hampstead Thameslink train journey was a lot more comfortable I think than the Northern Line to Golders Green would have been. One to file away, especially now that I can see that South Merton and Morden South are both on the same St. Albans route and in easy walking distance for Ben from home.

Unfortunately when I arrived at what I thought was Mia's, it was the flat she was living in last term. My phone's battery was dead so I couldn't call her until a very gracious man in Kam Computers and Mobiles let me trickle some juice into the handset so I could get through to her.

She came along and met me at the Black Lion, another one for the address book, where we sat outside for a drink and a chat before I passed the bike back to her and sent back to the 'Wood. (|Toilets on the train are another advantage railways have over tubes if you are going straight to the station from the boozer.)

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