Thursday, March 05, 2020

Khan-do attitude

My brother John will be up and staying with me for the night later, so I have got a Nihari on in the slow cooker. (It is based on a cooking sauce from a company called Kohinoor.) Last time he was here we had one in Tooting's Lahore Kahari, fourteen years on from our first! (Icons passim.) I have got him a Laziza Nehari Masala pack to take home so he can develop his own in the laboratory of the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen. (Exotic as they sound, I got my Kohinoor and Laziza products in Sainsbury's.)

The Wikipedia entry on Nihari says, "In some restaurants, a few kilos from each day's leftover Nihari is added to the next day's pot. This re-used portion of Nihari is called taar and is believed to provide the unique flavor. Some Nihari outlets in old Delhi boast of an unbroken taar going back more than a century."

I used to wonder about perhaps running my slow cooker permanently and just loading it up with more ingredients every time I took a serving out. What do we think? Would it evolve into an ur-casserole of unique depth and flavour or would it kill me? When are you coming round for dinner?

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