Thursday, March 19, 2020

Round Are Way

Here' Callum - a year on from his senior England call up - showing the world you can get over Covid-19. More power to his elbow in these difficult days. A particular delight of the video is that the exercise bike is not in an exclusive gym, it's in the hallway of his mum and and dad's house round the corner.

The game is kicking off in around the park
It's twenty five a side and before it's dark
There's gonna be a loser
And you know the next goal wins
Cab it to the front as it's called a draw
Everybody's knocking at yours once more
Ernie bangs the sound
And no one's spoken since half past four
La, la, la, la, laaaa, laa

Round are way the birds are singing
Round are way the sun shines bright
Round are way the birds are minging
Round are way it's alright
Round are way the birds sing for you
'cause the already know yer
They already know yer

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