Sunday, March 08, 2020

86 not out

Dad is 86 today. Let's give him this soon-to-be-classic try that Wales scored against England in Twickenham yesterday as a present.

I missed the game as I was, unlikely as it sounds, curling in Tunbridge Wells.
David Frost rang Peter Cook up some years ago. "Peter, I'm having a little dinner party on behalf of Prince Andrew and his new bride-to-be Sarah Ferguson. I know they'd love to meet you, big fans; Be super if you could make it: Wednesday the twelfth." "Hang on... I'll just check my diary." Pause and rummaging and leafing through diary noises. And then Peter said "Oh dear. I find I'm watching television that night."
I've used the Cook line for ages when I can't make it to a function. From today it is dethroned by  "Oh dear. I find I'm curling in Tunbridge Wells that night."

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