Monday, May 27, 2019

I think they take the occasional pot shot to relieve the monotony

Mad props, to the Goggly algoriddles that You-Tube-Can-Have-A Body-Like-Mine'd the Munchies episode above to yours truly.

J.J. Johnson, the James Beard award-winning chef on the African (and particularly Ghanaian)  diaspora’s effects on global cuisine. What with Red Red, Paapa and the Hudson-Odois I am beyond ready for this.

WINNER OF THE JAMES BEARD AWARD: BEST AMERICAN COOKBOO"This is more than just a cookbook. Alexander and JJ take us on a culinary journey through space and time that started more than 400 years ago, on the shores of West Africa. Through inspiring recipes that have survived the Middle Passage to seamlessly embrace Asian influences, this book is a testimony to the fact that food transcends borders. Alexander Smalls and JJ Johnson have elevated the cuisines of West Africa and its diaspora without losing any of its essence. Afro-Asian cuisine is a new concept and it works beautifully!"

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