Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Because football … football is about nothing unless it's about something. And what it is about … is football.

Terrible news about Callum; fingers crossed. Wikipedia says https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achilles_tendon_rupture#Treatment.

In other football news, friends were away over Easter and lent me their Arsenal season tickets so I took life-long fan Paul to see Crystal Palace at the Emirates on Sunday. He was delighted when his "Eagles" won 3-2.

We stayed in the ground for a pint afterwards waiting for the crowd to dissipate and for the queue at the tube station to thin. This was when he told me it was only the second occasion in his life that he had seen his beloved Palace live. He couldn't recall the date of the first visit, but he did remember that he was standing in the terraces. That puts his first time before the Taylor Report that introduced all-seater grounds after the Hillsborough disaster, so it must be at least thirty odd years ago.

He owes me big time.

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