Tuesday, November 01, 2016

London Broncos Scholarship

Dear Ben,

Congratulations on your performance during the London Rugby League origin series. I am pleased to say we would like to invite you to spend 7 weeks training on our Scholarship programme up until Christmas with a view to a permanent place in the squad after that point should you have had a successful 'trial' period.

We are asking all new players to 'trial' in this format rather than automatically offering a place so that we can establish if is right for you in terms of commitment/travel etc as much as to see if we feel you will fit into the programme.

The commitment should not be taken lightly and we expect attendance at all sessions pending illness. Whilst understanding there may be other commitments in terms of sport at school and potentially in additional sports this needs to take the priority given the level this represents.

This is the next step on route to becoming a professional rugby league player and you should feel proud of your achievements to have been offered the opportunity.

All gravy, and not so shabby for his first season playing the league code.

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