Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rugby Round Up

Ben scored a try for the school yesterday that put me in mind of a quote from Apocalypse Now.
Rated a major success. He received no official clearance. He just thought it up and did it. What balls. They were going to nail his ass to the floorboards for that one. But after the press got a hold of it, they promoted him to full colonel instead.
He's off school today though, aching all over. Maybe a game and Broncos training is too much one after the other. He's also been offered a trial for the Surrey Development squad on Sunday; Jonny too. They've apparently relented after last year's fiasco (Icons passim). I wonder if he will want to do it.

Kevin is in town, so I went out for a drink with him after work. He's something to do with the Hong Kong RFU so I ended up meeting Trevor Gregory who represents Asia on the World Rugby Council as well as Dennis Dwyer, who does the same for Rugby Americas North. Small world.

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