Friday, October 16, 2015

fried chicken vs. coffee shops

From the Strabismus Research Institute:
With the assumption that the ratio of coffee shops to chicken shops is an indication of future prosperity (with a resultant uplift in house prices), then the following characteristics make an area “legitimately” up and coming:
High density of coffee shops
Low density of chicken shops
Low house prices
And the results say…
Move to Peckham!
As well as Peckham, other areas of interest for property buyers on the hunt for the next best thing are: Southwark, Woolwich, Isle of Dogs, Colliers Wood, and Willesden Junction.
With the first report into how to predict London house prices complete, further investigation into other factors can duly follow.
Currently in the pipeline, are studies of the ratio of £1 stores: bicycle repair shops, fluctuations in the street price of coriander, and the density of shops selling quinoa…
Coffee in the Wood is putting pounds in my pocket it seems.

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