Saturday, May 09, 2015

wherefore art thou?

Romeo and Juliet at the Globe was good stuff on Wednesday and Steffan Donnelly was especially fine as Mercutio. I have been pleased to find out since that he is Welsh. Remember you heard it here first when he goes onto great things.

I have also found some photos (by the director and on Facebook) of the 2009 production that I enjoyed so much at the Mills. The balcony scene with Juliet at the door of our offices is on the left.

Prodnose: Actually in in Romeo and Juliet, the meaning of “Wherefore art thou Romeo?” (Act 2, scene 2, line 33) is not “Where are you, Romeo?” but “Why are you Romeo?” (i.e. “Why did you have to be a Montague?”).

Myself: Wherefore can't thou keep thy gob shut?

I am off to Radio Stanshall tonight at the Bloomsbury, which reminds me of the spooky resonance of Viv Stanshall with Mark Marlowe's various band line ups. I have seen Stanshall's biographer playing drums with Mark's trio, and the son of  the Bonzo's  Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell playing trumpet when the trio has been augmented with a horn section

Aunt Florrie's credenda "all musicians are nice people" perhaps?

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