Sunday, May 10, 2015

overcoming hurdles

After the Bomber's unexpected hurdles win and qualification for the Surrey schools championship, I thought a team huddle was called for so I emailed the Harriers to see if there were hurdlers he could work with for the next month or so.

Steve replied, "we have a specialist hurdles coach Debbie who trains at Crystal Palace on Tuesdays at Thursdays at 6.30 pm."

Feet have been fallen on; I can see from the Power of 10 website that last year one of her athletes recorded the UK's best time of the season, and third best ever, for U15 boys' 80m hurdles which is what Ben has to do in June. I contacted Debbie who says she coaches sprinting on Tuesdays and hurdles on Thursdays and that he is very welcome, so I am going to take him along to Crystal Palace Thursday. (A positive by-product of this is that it gives me an excuse to call my Mum, a champion 80 yard hurdler herself all those years ago, regularly; apparently to keep her up to speed but really because I know she isn't having the easiest of times at the moment.)

Usually Ben trains javelin (the event that the Harriers think is his strongest) on Thursdays. Luckily Nick, his coach in that, has just started Tuesdays in Tooting as well so we can swap days and he is happy to accommodate him.

In summary he has two weeks of javelin Tuesdays and hurdling Thursdays before competing in javelin at the Surrey AA championship on 23 May, then a week in New York with his mum, then two more weeks training before hurdling at the Surrey Schools event.

I envy us from Spinal Tap is the only quote that comes close.

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