Friday, May 01, 2015

deeper and deeper

From Peter Finch's 'blog
Right now I’m at the planning stages for two cycle tours which might take this no longer there hut in. They’ll run deeper and deeper into Cardiff’s east. Roath, Capital of Wales, land of hills and waterways, lost mansions and holy wells. Something like that. The tour will be managed by Pol’s Cardiff Cycle Tours – check for more information. It’ll take place on Saturday 13th June, 2015 and then repeat on Saturday the 20th. If you don’t have a bike then you can hire one from Pol.
This new tour, I’ve decided, will take in lost holy wells, lost mansions, the site of the now partially destroyed Roman Quarry, the place where Cardiff’s Corporation star observatory once stood, Cardiff’s equivalent to the Magdalena Laundries, the remains of a thousand year old mill and the place where the geese once roamed. We’ll visit the island on which Jimi Hendrix once woke unable to tell the world just how he got there. There’ll be sight of the graves of some of Cardiff’s most famous. We’ll also take in the ghosts of the Butes and the hill fort that no one knows about. I’ll enliven things with a few poems. To the point and not. But then you’d expect me to do that.
What I’ve not yet worked out is how able cycle tour attendees will be when it comes to actually getting up Penylan Hill. That’s a long slope. Welshman’s Hill as it was once known. We could walk up but that might be regarded by the fit as cheating. We could cycle the whole way but then I’d be too breathless to speak when we got to the top. Maybe some sort of half and half operation, a long and loping side street zig zag with a bit of bike pushing at the end would do it. I’m doing a few trials shortly. Watch this space to find out how they went.
I have got to sign up for that on June 13. John thinks the well was in Mum and Dad's back garden.

See and

Maybe I could combine it with the Cardiff Street Food Circus, though I was planning on taking Ben to that and I can't see him relishing a literary bike ride.

Speaking of food, the Hang Fire girls (who will be at the circus) have won the 2015 BBC Best Street Food or Takeaway award.

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