Sunday, December 21, 2014


D’Angelo Debuts Long-Awaited Album, Featuring Pino Palladino.

The first time I listened to Black Messiah, the new D'Angelo album I found myself thinking Prince could have knocked it out in fifteen days, never mind fifteen years. Now I've spent a bit more time with it I am starting to realise how dense and intricate it is; a grower I think.

Pino Palladino has bass, writing and production credits on the record as far as I can tell from casting round the interwebs for background.  (I have no idea how to conjure up this information in iTunes. Back in the day I was an avid reader of LP liner notes but these days they seem to have disappeared into the ether making it very difficult to tell who is actually playing on anything.)

"Born in Cardiff to an Italian father from Campobasso, Umberto Palladino and Welsh mother Ann Hazard" in 1957, I have always been aware of Pino P and I am amazed I have never written about him here.

He has played with everyone see I don't have room on the  'blog even to begin to cover it, You'll have to read up on him. A new and true Welsh Born Icon.

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