Wednesday, December 10, 2014

a work in progress

The U14s beat St Paul's School 45-17 yesterday with three tries from the Bomber. I thought that the plan had been to rest him for that game so that he was fresh for the Cup game for the U15s in Brighton today but apparently circumstances conspired against.

Expect to see the score for that game here some time after around four this afternoon.

No other details yet, but I see the boys went down 57-12 to Brighton this afternoon so that is the end of the cup adventure for this season. Himself will probably need Mrs. Dreyfuss' chicken soup tonight.

Come Sunday though it will be "Pick yourself up, Take a deep breath, Dust yourself off. And start all over again" away at Old Caterhamians. They were promoted to our division last year so we don't really know them.

The URL however (while it is not linked on the Surrey Rugby website) still works and tells a tale of of played 6, won 6 , 203 points for, 60 against and five bonus points for them last season, so they are unlikely to be mugs.

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