Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hello Goodbye

Yesterday's school game was cancelled, so that is rugby football done and dusted for 2014.
Old Cats had a big reality check up at Park Rd yesterday against an accomplished Old Ruts team who attacked both at close quarters and wide out to devastating effect finding numerous holes in the home defence and exploiting them with deadly precision. Whilst a defeat like this one can be a bit chastening it should mean that we all take stock about where we are as a team and how we can improve for the rest of the season.
I got a text from Martin this morning saying that there was a report on the weekend's game on the Old Cat's website. That is the first paragraph above and you can read the rest here. Sid and Silas actually get name checked in the report, which is quite a testament to their influence on the game. I also learned that the Cats' boy Seb who went off had broken his collar bone so I wish him a speedy recovery

Old Cats topped their division last season, winning all six games. They scored 203 points in the process and conceded 60, so you can understand how the 60 the conceded to us in one match might be considered "a little bit chastening."

We are second in the league this morning, but Ruts' nemesis Warlingham are only two points behind and have a game in hand.

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