Sunday, October 13, 2013

To the stoop to conquer

It was a good to to be a Williams yesterday with centre Scott, scrum half Rhodri and wing Jordan all scoring for the Scarlets to beat the Harlequins at the Stoop in the Heineken cup.

Today's rugby highlight should be the Old Ruts U13s in a friendly away to Old Alleynians in Dulwich, though it may not be much of a spectacle if it keeps on raining.

Next week brings the first league game, Sutton and Epsom at home.

Just between us, and depending what position he plays, I think the Bomber may well get a hatful of tries in the early part of this season. The kids have now moved up to playing on full size pitches where he may get a lot more room while opposition defenses get used to all the extra space. Pace is bound to tell in such circs, I would have thought.

Fingers crossed.

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