Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Friends of Emily Ratajkowski

James and I were sniggering over the unrated video to Blurred Lines in the pub earlier in the week. He truly is the Bernard Bresslaw to my Sid James. I was previously unaware of it but managed to track it down from the snatches of lyrics he could remember and conjured it up over wi-fi on the iPhone. (I had bought the single on iTunes, but mainly so I could lecture the Bomber on how it is an inferior rip off of Marvin Gaye's Got to Give It Up, Pt1.)

I can't show you the promo in question here in case it frightens the horses, but - purely in the interests of science and accuracy - I have been researching its star Emily Ratajkowski ever since I got in on Tuesday night and I can share a version cooked up by Radio Shack to promote the Buy BEATS Pill Wireless Portable Speaker.

Spookily I bought a Pill last week myself. Perhaps fate is trying to tell me something?

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