Saturday, February 04, 2012

nor lose the common touch

It is not generally my kind of thing, but I dusted off my Master's Degree in Business Administration in the week and went along to a (deep breath) E/MBA club networking event - with City of London Police Commissioner (a fellow MBA) on "The growing threat of Fraud and Cyber crime" on Tuesday. I'm interested in the topic and actually know Commissioner Leppard from back in his Surrey Police days. I remember going out for a drink with him and Steve Ede one year when the ACPO conference was in Cardiff.

The bun fight was actually held at law firm Hogan Lovells' Holborn Viaduct office. My sat nav originally directed me underneath the viaduct where Eastern European rickshaw drivers lurked among the bins, but once I managed to find my way into the premises they were so plush it was like being in a movie. The recession is not hitting everyone equally hard I suppose.

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