Thursday, October 27, 2011

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

I read an obituary in the Independent this week: Bob Brunning: Original bass player with Fleetwood Mac.

Courtesy of the WBI time machine, I find that it is nearly six years since
I went out for drink or two after work with Paul last night. While he was at the bar in the Standard, I noticed Bob Brunning having a quiet solo pint a couple of tables away so I introduced myself to thank him for all that he does for music in the area with his Blues Club and AbbeyFest. He was very gracious. Noodling around on his website today I found out that he is Simon Brunning's father. Small World.
I'm glad, now that I made the effort all that time ago.

Music goes on. I went to see Steve Earle Tuesday night.

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Simon Brunning said...

Thanks for this, Nick.