Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Laws of the Game

I'm off to take the Bomber to rugby shortly. His mate Halex is going to come along and have a run out to see how he likes it as well.

I read a story in Slate earlier this month about some sort of prehensile rugby law - which has lain dormant in American football for a century - affecting the result of a New York Giants/ Arizona Cardinals game.

Our correspondent notes:
The "cry down" rule makes sense in rugby, if only to signal the transition into that phase of play wherein everyone dry-humps everyone else. The rule's bastard American son, the "no effort" rule, has no business in modern pro football.
"That phase of play wherein everyone dry-humps everyone else", being the Yank for ruck I imagine. I suppose it makes sense from the perspective of the Atlantic.

Note to self: do not use this phrase in explaining rucks to ten year old newbie Halex this morning. His mother may not understand.

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