Friday, June 10, 2011

An Unexpected Party

If I say that he is a Burglar, a Burglar he is, or will be when the time comes.
I sometimes read the Daily Mail over a sandwich in Virgin Active at lunchtime, so I know it well as a gastric band for the brain.

They stuck the boot into our auction system yesterday with the idiotic:
The bargains that really are a steal: All the tools you need to burgle houses... being sold by the POLICE
Which was eerily reminiscent of the Daily Star's intervention back in May with
It is all a load of nonsense, as the comments point out as well as I could.

It sends us more traffic I suppose which should mean the police get more money, but nothing like the online interest that an article on did (see Icons passim). Perhaps the tabloids are getting less and less significant?

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