Friday, June 24, 2011

a trickle of brave finite

Since my birthday, I am the proud owner of an Actifry.

I produced some top notch patatas bravas with it last night. The recipe was my own. I thought it best not to rely on Google's autotranslate:
We can put the sauce in two ways: either mix the mayonnaise with the salsa to take the speck that itch we like it or potatoes once ready we put over the mayonnaise and then a trickle of brave finite, we must be careful not to go with the latter because that brings them itch. And ready a quickie dish and takes us out of a craving for french fries by very few points.
I'm going to try some noodles along the lines of the video below tonight, though I will probably replace the tofu with something edible like chicken.

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