Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slovenia and success

Winston Gordon (see Icons passim) won a gold medal at judo in Celje, Slovenia last weekend. It only occurred to me last night (very likely because I am as stupid as a goose) that this is the same Slovenia that England are facing in a do-or-die football match this afternoon.

This is how the BJA reported it:

Leading the way was long-time standout Winston Gordon who provided a timely reminder of the talent which saw him compete at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, by surging to gold in the under 90kg weight category.

Gordon, 33, who was returning to the British fold after a nine month absence, showed he was in peak condition as he continued his return from a knee injury.

“It’s a nice feeling to get back in the swing of things,” said Gordon.

“I went out and I enjoyed it, it’s important to make sure I’m ticking all the right boxes and my techniques are looking sharp. Hopefully I can push from here and keep on the mind of the selectors.”

Gordon, who's itching to compete at London 2012, won his five fights in emphatic fashion, four coming by way of ippon.
I see him regularly when I take the Bomber to his judo lessons, so I've watched him go from crutches, to a walking stick, and back to the podium over 2009 and 10.

It is an inspiring example of character. Would that England's football team exhibited similar moxie.

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