Friday, June 18, 2010

Artemis Fowl

Reading this morning in the Grauniard that "the children of Britain have spoken, choosing Eoin Colfer's modern bestseller Artemis Fowl as their favourite Puffin of all time ahead of classic titles including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Stig of the Dump", I've popped the book into my Amazon wishlist as a reminder to pick a copy up for the Bomber.

Amazon sell a downloadable Artemis Fowl (Unabridged) audio edition of the book as well as the text itself so I may invest in that at the same time. I've been working though Stephen Fry's unabridged Harry Potter readings with Ben on our drives to Cardiff etc. and supplementing that with the physical books which seems to be a good way of kick starting a reading habit.

I've thought for a while though that what I would really like to be able to buy is a license for a book that included the book and access to an audio version in a single package. It would work for me as well him. It would be handy to be able to listen from wherever I am up to in the Millennium trilogy next time I have to drive somewhere, grinding as I currently am through three brick size paperbacks.

Any publishers listening?

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