Friday, June 04, 2010

The new broom

I realise you don't care about this but I've been looking at Downing Street's announcement of the web traffic for May on the Number10 website.

They report 3,602,030 page views in May, up from 1,142,168 in April which is credible as the election was on May 6th.

They then claim that they have had 14,148,516 page views in 2010 giving a monthly average of 2,829,703. That sounds like bunk. Is it really credible that the web site traffic in April was less than half the monthly average when Gordon Brown went to Buckingham Palace on April 6 to ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament?

I submit ladies and gentlemen of the jury that the bean counters at No 10 have taken a twelve month figure for total traffic and divided it by five instead of twelve. One twelfth of 14,148,516 is a much more reasonable 1,179,043.

This is not a very encouraging illustration of the numeracy of our new masters.

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