Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hail the Judo Taxi

Corgi have unveiled a judo branded taxi in their collection of official London 2012 merchandise – part of Destination London 2012, a range of 40 London 2012 inspired 1:64 taxis.

The exciting new range follows on from the popular London 2012 Olympic handover bus that was released in October 2009. Made by London 2012 licensee, Corgi, a Hornby brand, the models contain official London 2012 livery and branding. Each model also carries a pictogram of a particular sport appearing in the Games along with special ‘did you know’ facts on the featured sport.
Which is already weird enough even before noting that what appears to be delivered in the illustration is an old fashioned kick in the knackers rather than tomoe nage.

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