Friday, January 02, 2009

The Killers

If I was to edit "The Essential Ernest Hemingway" it would be a very slim volume. That said, I can't deny that "The Killers" is a great story. Apropos of nothing it also struck me over the weekend how similar the set up is to "Dancing Dan's Christmas". One can almost imagine them both being handed in for the same creative writing assignment, which just goes to show something or other:
The door of Henry’s lunchroom opened and two men came in. They sat down at the counter.

“What’s yours?” George asked them.

“I don’t know,” one of the men said. “What do you want to eat, Al?”

“I don’t know,” said Al. “I don’t know what I want to eat.”

Outside it was getting dark. The streetlight came on outside the window. The two men at the counter read the menu. From the other end of the counter Nick Adams watched them. He had been talking to George when they came in.

“I’ll have a roast pork tenderloin with apple sauce and mashed potatoes,” the first man said.

“It isn’t ready yet.”

“What the hell do you put it on the card for?”

“That’s the dinner,” George explained. “You can get that at six o’clock.”

George looked at the clock on the wall behind the counter.

“It’s five o’clock.”

“The clock says twenty minutes past five,” the second man said.

“It’s twenty minutes fast.”

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