Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jom Makan

I spotted the newly opened Jom Makan a fortnight ago, when we went to the Texas Embassy Cantina, so we toddled along last night to test the cuisine of Malaysia against our palates, and shared:

Popiah Sayur: Deep fried mixed vegetables in thin spring roll skin served with a sweet chilli sauce
Cucur Udang: Deep fried prawn in batter with mixed vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce
Nasi Goreng: Spicy pan-fried rice with prawn, squid, chicken and mixed vegetables
Bee Hun Goreng: Fried, fine rice noodles with chicken, seafood, beansprouts and mixed vegetables

Great food, and a fusion of many Asian influences, but a truly terrible website. Follow the links for our real and imaginary destinations as we eat our way around the world in London.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your fantastic comments!

Just one thing.. what's so terrible about our website??!!


Nick Browne said...

You can't find the restaurant address on the site. At least I couldn't.

Anonymous said...

It's on the "Location" tab on the home page. It has a picture of a compass.

It also includes a map!

Best Regards


Nick Browne said...

So it is. It was far from obvious to me though. Why not just put it in the home page?

Unknown said...

its a lot of info to put on the front page and we thought by having the tab on the home page it wouldn't be too hard to find it.

thanks for your comments though


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Your dissappointment in the JOM Makan website did not go unnoticed and I just wanted to let you know that JOM Makan has just come back online with an all new and improved website. We thank you for your comments in helping us improve the site and we invite you to take a look around the new website - I do hope you find it improved.

Kindest Regards