Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Plot Spoiler

A stranger has come
To share my room in the house not right in the head.

I've seen The Edge of Love. You're not surprised I went to see a film with a Welsh theme are you?

Truth be told, in the movie, Dylan Thomas, his wife, and his first love are such vain, self regarding gadflies that I found myself thinking that it would have been no bad thing if the cuckolded Killick's attempted massacre had come off.

Here's my attempt at conveying the elevated tone of the screenplay:

Dylan: Oh come over by here and give us a hug Cait, my lovely. Give us a shag, there's a good girl. The pub won't be open till lunchtime and I haven't had my jollies since I grabbed Myfanwy between the outhouse and the sceptic tank just after breakfast. Gaggin' for it I am, my darling. Put the baby in the coal house and we'll have a nice bunk up.

Caitlin: Go to hell you filthy goat! I'm still flushed after the postman and this pinafore doesn't button and unbutton itself. How do you like this carving knife? Step to me my bass baritone; you'll step back a soprano, and without your tail between your legs mind you. Anyway, where's the gin?

Dylan: I have drunk it all my lodestar, my love spoon, my Lilith, my lady. Thirst come, thirst served. All gone it is, but I wrote you a lovely poem.

Caitlin: There's a heart melter of a bard you are, Mr Thomas. Rhyme your verse to your Mrs. Thomas.

Dylan: I bought a lot of Brandy
When I was courting Sandy
I aimed to make her randy
So all I had was shandy
Another thing with Sandy
What often came in handy
Was passing her a Mandy
She didn't half go bandy


KaliAmanda said...

So, are you suggesting we read a book instead?

Anonymous said...

MC Dylan vs Ianto in da house?

Nick Browne said...

He may have been an arse, but he could string words together. I have most of them by heart for my sins.

Read Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas 1934-1952.

In the preface - or introduction, or whatever it is - the first line rhymes with the last, the second with the penultimate etc.

Why did he set those puzzles for himself? Silly sod.

Nick Browne said...

"Ianto is the pet form of the name Ifan which in itself is one of the Welsh forms of John. Therefore, Ianto shares John's meaning of "Yahweh is gracious". Ianto is usually a masculine name."

Nick Browne said...

Sceptic tank? I'm not antiseptic but I'm skeptical about that joke working in the US.