Tuesday, June 10, 2008

High Concept

The manufacturers of the Concept 2 rowing machine host a Personal Training Log, and Online World Rankings on the website.

You can sign up at http://www.concept2.com/sranking03/log_start.asp.

This will allow you to enter and keep track of all of your workouts online and to see a list of your personal world ranking entries.

I put my ordinary times in for 500m and 5000m and found myeslf towards the bottom of my peers.

No matter, I can now use the Pace Boat facility on the PM3 controllers gradually to work my way up the rankings.

It's good for motivation when you know you can be promoted just for turning in a time a tenth of a second faster than your previous entry.

Less generously, I wonder what perecentage of the times claimed reflect inflated performances.

Anyone fancy joining me up there?

Becoming “Training Partners” enables two or more people to view each others' logbooks. There is no limit to the number of Training Partners a person can have.

To set up a "training partner", you enter the ranking ID number for the person you wish to have as a training partner into the field provided (your ranking ID number is found in your profile settings) on your Profile page. That person will then see your name appear as a ‘pending’ training partner in their logbook on the Profile page. As soon as your training partner enters your ranking ID number into their log, your partnership is established.

Once the partnership is set up - their name will appear on the Profile page along with a link to a modified log page that shows the meters that your partner has rowed - this way you and your partner can keep track of the meters that each other has rowed.
It is yet another social network really, with a fairly simple iGoogle widget at http://fusion.google.com/add?moduleurl=http%3A//www.concept2.com/sranking03/rss/personal_gadget.xml


John said...

I am rowing and x-training today !

Nick Browne said...

Cheers buddy, I have emailed you my ranking ID. That is all you need to add me in. I look forward to taking you on.