Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Grand Old Party

As I gaze across the Atlantic from my mountain fastness, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that McCain is going to win the Presidential election by a country mile.

The key has been Bush and McCain's masterly inactivity as Obama and Clinton ripped each other to shreds. Clinton lost the plot when she "misremembered" coming under sniper fire, and Obama - more subtly - made a major error of judgement in using his maternal grandmother as an example of institutional racism in his "A More Perfect Union" speech. That will come back to haunt him.

I've been guessing for a while that when - as seems likely -Barack gets the nod over Hilary, McCain will triangulate the race issue by picking Condi Rice as his running mate.

I'm not the only one ruminating along these lines. See the poll from The Times on the right. You can vote on it up until midnight tonight UK time.

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