Sunday, December 16, 2007

Glory Days

Hugh gave me a copy - out of the blue - of the "Best of the Brunning Sunflower Blues Band" at Tighten Up's Christmas dinner on Friday. A gracious gesture, to repay us I think for hosting him at AbbeyFest's free music Fridays over the years, and especially the Bob Brunning organised Blues Weekend that traditionally closes the event.

Coincidentally, I was having a pint in the Tup with Simon (Bob's son) a couple of weeks ago, when he hailed another drinker with, "Did I hear you say that your father played with Chuck Berry? Mine did too."

This, I remember thinking, was a marvelously unlikely turn for events to take on a slow Monday night in Colliers Wood.

They swapped stories. My favourite was Chuck's predilection for duck walking over the the keyboard player to ask, "what song are we playing?" during extended solos. I guess twelve bar blues progressions tend to blur one into another after half a century on the road.

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