Sunday, July 09, 2006


Though my weight seems to have stabilised around a disappointing fourteen stone rather than the twelve and a half that I was looking for, I still get to the gym most days.

I've been alternating weights one day with cardio the next for some time now, but as I'm still getting fitter and stronger I think that I need to look at that again as I find it hard to fit in a whole body workout in an hour on days when I do resistance training.

I think that I am going to have to start alternating chest and arms one day, with back and abs the next, and legs and cardio on the third, and just put in some extra cardio work on days when I get any free time.

I don't do any specific shoulder strength exercises as both are pretty much shot (one from skiing and one from rugby) and I have to warm both of them up pretty thoroughly before I can do any bench presses or pull ups at all.

When I think of them plus my weak left knee and left ankle in light of the rather sedentary life that produced them, I marvel that people retired from careers in top level sports can walk at all.

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