Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Facts and Factions

On March 1st, Wikipedia, the online interactive encyclopedia, hit the million-articles mark, with an entry on Jordanhill, a railway station in suburban Glasgow. Its author, Ewan MacDonald, posted a single sentence about the station at 11 P.M., local time.

There is a good article in the New Yorker about the history and status of, plus the controversy that continues to rage around, Wikipedia. (Read the whole piece here.)

This has naturally sent me back to look at the modest Wikipedia page that I created about Merton Priory in April last year. Fifteen months later the page remains modest, but it is on version twenty so it is being edited every few weeks.

Speaking of Merton Priory, Paul has constructed a 3D virtual model of it in Google Sketch Up and we've been invited to a Merton Priory Trust Steering Group meeting early in August to show it off and see if it may be of any use to them.

Building it up has certainly raised some questions on Paul's mind about the orientation of the building so it will be good to have a chin wag with some real experts.

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