Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Being Green

Writing about Arif Mardin has brought his erstwhile clients Scritti Politti to mind. I have been in thrall to Green Gartside ever since I heard "Wood Beez" in the Philharmonic in Cardiff in the mid Eighties.

Internet reports of Green's birth suggest various years in the mid to late Fifties and alternate between Cardiff and Cwmbran but all agree on June 22nd - my birthday as well - so I hereby elevate him to the exalted rank of Welsh Born Icon. (As I recall he had the same haircut as the Princess of Wales for much of the Eighties.)

I surpised to find that there was a new Scritti album out on Rough Trade so I've added it to my wishlist to remind me to pick it up; seven years since the last one. With only four albums of new material in the last twenty one years, it's not really all that heavy on the wallet keeping up to date with the catalogue.

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