Thursday, July 20, 2006

Banlieue 13

I bowled up last night to try and see "Entertainment .... My Arts" which is advertised as part of AbbeyFest but it seemed to have been cancelled, so I ended up kicking back with Garfield for a while, feasting on his jerk pork and probing him for initiate secrets of the barbecue pit.

The upshot was that I got home earlier (and soberer) than I had planned which was no bad thing as I found that I had locked myself out.

I was then pleased and surprised to find myself parkouring over the six foot back fence, up the outhouse roof, onto the bathroom ledge via the drainpipe, and through the awning window, in the blink of an eye, once I worked the route out and got a run up, as I felt that this reflected well on the time I've spent in the gym, but then I was taken back to realise that the same athletic feat was probably available to any stick-thin scally or chav who might be passing by.

I've closed all the windows now.

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