Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Stray Teardrop

Gordon has a little boy born in 1999, the year before my five year old came into the world, and has got - out of the goodness of his heart - into the habit of lending me things like DVDs of Marvel cartoons that his little one has watched loads of times while my little one is discovering for the first time.

Last week his gave me a fat deck of Official 2006 FIFA World Cup Trading Cards, because his boy had reached the stage where he had so few left to collect that he could complete his collection direct from the company so he had nothing left to do with his "swapsies".

My boy fell on these with a vengenance and started to arrange them by team. Yesterday when his Mum dropped him off with me he reached into the new FIFA approved England shorts that he got from Next and pulled out the hologrammed label that had been snipped from them when he first pulled them on.

"I've got you a football card to say thank you for the ones you gave me," he said.

Cue not the first but not the last quiet and sentimental yet still authentic blub up from me.

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