Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Persian Way

And so to Dish Dash which "draws its influence from Persia, the culinary mother of the Middle East, that spanned the banks of the Nile to the mountains of Northern India, and from the shores of the Caspian Sea to the deserts of Arabia".

We had:
Kookoo - a thick cut omelette
Esfenaj - pan fried sinach and chick peas with garlic and lemon
Lavash - ground lamb wrapped in thin Persian bread
Koobideh Kebab - lamb with paprika, cinnamon, corainder and parsely
Khoresh Baareh - slow cooked lamb with dried limes, cinnamon, rose petals and apples
Khoresh Murgh - mild spiced chicken stew
Battata Harra - spicy fried potatoes
Barberi Nan

Didn't find out which was Parthian or which were derived from the Medes, and Elamites, unfortunately.

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