Saturday, June 17, 2006

Free Wheelin'

I did three hours on the bike this morning to see what I might learn for longer trips.

The first thing I learned is that I had better make allowances for my nonexistent sense of direction. I lost the Wandle Trail at Mitcham and had to continue to Croydon on the main roads. Similarly, once there I could'nt pick up the trail again at East Croydon and came back south via Streatham etc.

Combining that with my flaneuresque tendency to follow my nose and get distracted, I had better give myself a modest daily mileage on the long trip.

On the positive side I was pleased to find that I had plenty in the tank when it came to peddling. I probably need to get a better saddle if I am going to cycle all day though.

I also had the fine idea of finishing at Virign Active, where I am now typing this drinking mango and passion fruit with crushed ice before I pop upstairs for a stretch and then take in easy in the spa for a while.

Reading back to SW19 will be my next trip when I have a free day. In the week, Paul suggested that I cycle to Brighton one Saturday and then come back on the Sunday before I attempt the three day trip.

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