Thursday, April 21, 2005


A long time ago I worked as a Corporate Development Executive at George Wimpey PLC. At that time Wimpey was a large international construction group - it has since shrunk but that is another story. One of my jobs there was to follow what the construction analysts in the big stock brokers were saying about us.

At first I was a bit intimidated by these apparently giant brains and their predictions, but after a while I hit on the plan of reading what they had been saying a year ago before reading their current prophecies. The old stuff was invariably rubbish in retrospect, plausible as it had been at the time.

Since then I often like to look back a year to put things in perspective. As we are going to Dubai until the middle of next week, I will probably not be able to update this log, until we get back, so I have decided to put up stub posts in advance covering those days so that there will be year old posts next April.

On Wikipedia, a stub is a short article. When writers begin a new article, they use the word stub to mean that it is still very short and that people can add a lot more useful information.

I may come back to the stubs if I have time, but I may leave them.

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