Thursday, November 09, 2023

8:54 to spare Prime Minister?

A crumb of comfort from the, largely confected, row, and a timely reminder this is not a party political issue.

Pro-Palestinian Armistice Day march must go ahead, says Churchill’s grandson

Lord Soames, a former Armed Forces minister, said: “A lot of people died during the war to assert freedom”.

The Metropolitan Police has confirmed that the march can go ahead, despite fears that it could lead to counter-protests by Right-wing extremists, because the “evidence threshold” to ban it had not been met.

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, has described the protest plans as “provocative and disrespectful”, claiming they posed a risk that the Cenotaph could be vandalised.

Speaking to LBC, Lord Soames said: “It’s nowhere near the Cenotaph. It’s in the afternoon and most of these people, 90 per cent of those people, are not there to make trouble.

“They’re there to express a deeply held view. And I think it must be allowed to go ahead, and I think it would be a great mistake to play politics with it. 

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