Friday, November 03, 2023

The Not Ready for Prime Time Players

The extent to which I have succeeded is debatable, but I genuinely have worked hard (passim) on trying to understand generative AI and Large Language Models and find myself more on the, say, Gary Marcus than the Geoff Hinton side of the debate, while respecting both.

Have an example from yesterday of why I remain among the rueful naysayers. 

"Where in London is Dance First playing?" I asked ChatGPT, via Bing, yesterday.

Dance First is a biographical film about the life and work of Samuel Beckett, the Nobel Prize-winning Irish playwright. It stars Aidan Gillen, Maxine Peake, Gabriel Byrne, and others. It is directed by James Marsh and has a running time of 100 minutes

According to my web search results, Dance First is playing at the following cinemas in London from Friday 3rd November to Thursday 9th November:


•  Cineworld Cinemas: Wandsworth

You can find the exact showtimes and book tickets online by clicking on the links above. I hope you enjoy the film.

Try the link. That's right. It takes you to WEDDING DANCE LESSONS IN CENTRAL LONDON. Completely useless.

Have a conspiracy theory on me. 

Rishi Sunak's AI SAFETY SUMMIT, HOSTED BY THE UK, 1ST AND 2ND NOVEMBER AT BLETCHLEY PARK. Why and why now? Especially given that Larry, the British domestic tabby cat who has served as Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office at 10 Downing Street since probably knows more about AI than Rishi does.

The summit finished yesterday. What else finished yesterday? The latest round of public evidence to the UK Covid-19 Enquiry. We wake up to
Rishi Sunak: Inviting China to AI Summit was right long-term decision
when we could have woken up to
For the last three days the Covid inquiry had been like an out-of-control therapy session. The permanently trashed Party Marty. The foul-mouthed career sociopath Dominic Cummings. The caring, sharing Helen MacNamara. All competing with one another to expose the corruption and incompetence at the heart of Boris Johnson’s government during the Covid crisis. All desperate to pin the blame on someone other than themselves. All third-rate desperadoes in their tragicomic worlds.

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