Sunday, October 01, 2023

Don't frighten the horses

I have CAT scans of my chest, abdomen and pelvis scheduled  for twenty past nine this morning at Queen Mary's Hospital in Roehampton; two hour fast before.

There is more to write here but I am redacting that content until later this evening as there is a potential social occasion I do not want it to overshadow.

My mobile rang while I was walking down the High Street yesterday afternoon and my colonoscopy is also now booked; quarter to two in the Endoscopy department in St George's on Tuesday.

There were two follow up texts:

1. Appointment booked on 04/10/2023 @13:45
Please collect your laxatives from:
Endoscopy Unit,
1st Floor, St James' Wing,
St George's Hospital,
SW17 0QT

2. Please follow following instructions:
Fasting for 24 hours(with no food), can have water.
Low fibre diet for 3 days before appointment.
Please take laxatives in two parts. First part afternoon of previous day and second part morning on the day of procedure.

My niece Mia is flying in from Nepal and staying with me tonight before an audition tomorrow. The timings, both of today's arrival and tomorrow's appointment are still uncertain, but ideally she, I, Ben and Simona (who I don't think she has ever met) will go out to Corleone tonight.

I am typing this morning but won't publish until this evening as none of them officially know, though won't have failed to notice I am three stone lighter than this time last year, that I am under medical care. It's not a secret and they don't read the spindrift pages, but people they know might and I don't want to chance a less than jolly atmosphere.

Here is NHS 'Colonoscopy diet advice and bowel preparation.' Looking at the Corleone menu, I reckon I can eat garlic bread followed by risotto di mare and drink white wine tonight and stay within the low fibre diet guidelines without drawing attention to myself.

As for the day itself I have opted for the sedatives and cancelled the night's theatre. If sedated I will need someone to pick me up and take me home afterwards. Ollie and Andy Tea will do this. He will come in and collect me while she waits in the car. Probably wisest I think to take all of Wednesday and Thursday off work.

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