Saturday, February 01, 2020

Alexa Calling

The Bomber is staying with Ray in the States for a while so no rugby or pizza for him today. "Serves him right 'n all," I hear you murmur.

Indirectly though he has led me to discover that I can telephone UK numbers from my Alexa devices free of charge. When I asked my Echo Show what time Corleone opened today it asked me I wanted to call the restaurant.

It turns out the feature is called Alexa Outbound Calling. Once you verify your phone number and sync your contacts with the Alexa app you can make outbound calls to all UK, US, Canada and Mexico mobile and residential numbers (emergency services such as 999 or 112, premium and business rate numbers are not supported) at no additional cost. Currently available from the UK only. To learn more, visit:

In summary, a free outgoing phone service. Why isn't it better known?

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